Books, Memoirs, Flash Fiction and Poetry.



The Crown of Dreams (award-winning children’s early chapter book) 

A young king hires three workers for his palace, but one of them is up to no good. Can you help him figure out which one before the villain ruins the king’s birthday celebration?

Early Chapter Book
(eleven chapters)
Ages 7-10
Word Count 4,406


The Christmas Chew Chew

A quirky elf loses Santa’s sleigh, so she and her friends go on a whacky adventure to help Santa deliver the Christmas gifts on time.

Picture Book
Ages 4-8
Word Count 580

How To Care For Honey Bear

A child wins a bear at the fair and tries to figure out how to be a good mom for him.

Rhyming Picture Book
Written in Dimeter
Ages 4-8
Word Count 259

The Amazing Mrs. Quinn

A generous animal lover is approached by a hungry alligator. What should she do?

Rhyming Picture Book
Written in Iambic Tetrameter
Ages 4-8
Word Count 208

Swishy’s Wish

An ambitious squirrel chef causes a forest blackout and needs help from his friends to cook up a sweet solution.

Picture Book
Ages 4-8
Word Count 725

Jelly Bean: The Accidental Star

Jelly Bean visits the circus for his birthday and accidentally performs a spectacular stunt under the big top!

Picture Book
Ages 4-8
Word Count 579

The Teacup Kitten

An eight-year-old girl rescues a kitten and ends up with a funny Christmas surprise!

Flip-A-Flap Picture Book
Ages 4-8
Word Count 704

Martian Food

Is this picky eater becoming a Martian? His mom thinks so!

Rhyming Picture Book
Written in Iambic Tetrameter with Iambic Trimeter
Ages 4-8
Word Count 352

A Lock of Love

An inquisitive granddaughter realizes something important went missing from her grandma’s house.

Picture Book
Ages 4-8
Word Count 500

The Poem Factory

A shy boy studies poetry at school and catches a rhyming disease. Be careful. It’s contagious!

Rhyming Picture Book
Written in Iambic Tetrameter
Ages 4-8
Word Count 186


Love at First Flight (A flash fiction romance)

Mindy boarded a plane to attend her grandma’s funeral and ended up being seated next to a handsome stranger. When the plane took off she started sobbing and he did the most unexpected thing!

God’s Winter Sketch (A thoughtful rhythm and rhyme poem)

Experience the greatness of God when you experience the beauty of his winter creations.

My Rescue Story: When Kidneys Fail (A medical memoir)

An itchy spot on my stomach led to a perfect stranger saving my life.


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